The Edgotyping Initiative

Edgetic profiling at the scale considered for this CEGS project is a huge endeavor, with implications and challenges that extend well beyond by the core inter-disciplinary team. We have accordingly launched the Edgotyping Initiative (Figure). The Edgotyping Initiative includes: (i) human geneticists expert in a particular human disorder, (ii) other CEGS programs that have complementary interests and technologies for making sense of genotype-phenotype relationships and who can share resources, datasets, and technological platforms, and (iii) colleagues who are developing the next generation of protein interaction detection technologies. Collaborations with members of the Edgotyping Initiative will lead to new experimental technologies and network modeling strategies for some 30 diseases (Figure – disease list). These diseases were provisionally selected not only because their features make them good models for edgotyping explorations (Figure – genetic complexity), but also because they are the very disorders that members of the Edgotyping Initiative specialize in.


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